beepbonk :: great error :: september 2002 demos + older things :: buckley (2000)
as John Lennon as Freddie Mercury as Brad Davis as Jeff Buckley as Mr. Samuel M. Jackson started to say, two lovers will sit on a park bench having broken and look into each others' eyes whispered softly "we are the hollow men and not empty but hollow as in never having been" which means
you have to love in order to long and this is me longing this is me watching a man with a cane watching these ducks skirt the water (the same as yours) and brother birds under the same roof as i this pen and longing
what darkness do you look for? in one place to hide in under the blankets as it's my mother and fatherless
wondering if father will come back the way he came
think of thinking of father - bad words bad children
think of thinking of lover - a martyr like me
back of hand to forehead fan with a feather?
man with a cane?
Use this grace in your divine way Jeff with the ocean washing over what questions i reply to such questions - such as where father is now? and mother as well?
a day like this is deep darkness as if you died in water
would you look back i moved your
found a new father until the old one comes back this way but even he walked away but looked back once or twice as if to ask if you
were singing? which you weren't as you were screaming on grace as if your passion was more than enough which should've been as you deserved the world better than to have people mourn who did not know you and did and me, this water like the same as yours i sleep beside and my pen with the ocean washing over empty as in never having, and losing you too.
dennis harvey: all instruments | voice
dennis harvey: composition | lyrics | mastering | mixing | production | recording
This track is unfinished, a demo, or a rehearsal. Work stopped around 07/01/2000.