beepbonk :: great error :: threetwentysevenninetynine :: dance of sageburrow
dennis harvey: all instruments | noises | voice
dennis harvey: composition | mixing | production | recording
extra performance:
aaron wall: voice
Completed on 07/04/1999.
group notes:
keyboard.voice.acoustic and electronic drums.acoustic guitar.upright piano.finger cymbals.shaker.triangle.cassette radio

appearances by jason paul spank aaron andrew mark amy peter peter pilar yvonne barry dale judy evangelos isaac leonard terry

all audio recorded 1980-1999 collected arranged composed by dennis harvey March-July 1999 except "touching dirt", text written by Penelope Gilliatt, spoken by Peter Finch; and "Cosi Fan Tutte" composed by Wolfgang Mozart, peformed by Pilar Lorengar, Yvonne Minton and Barry McDaniel, both of which are (c) 1971 Vectia Films, Ltd graphics by bean as well everything (c)(p) 1999 dennis harvey all rights reserved so don't steal it or i'll get you