beepbonk :: pudjem :: sphincter gypsy :: everybody laughs at sea monkeys
Everybody Laughs At Sea Monkeys
Sphincter Gypsy cover
jason harvey: bass guitar
michael ambro: guitar
paul ambro: guitar
dennis harvey: keyboards
michael ambro: composition
paul ambro: composition
jason harvey: composition | mixing | recording
dennis harvey: composition | mastering | mixing | production | recording
Completed on 02/25/2006.
group notes:
recorded live at putrid sanctuary studios on january 6, 2006, although parts of Sir Crumpleridge Sudsyclaw were recorded in 2005
mixed live by j and d, edited later by d

p :: guitar and the voice of Sir Crumpleridge Sudsyclaw, except for bass on Gallons Of Blood
d :: keyboard and percussion, except for guitar on Gallons Of Blood and Belch!Pump
j :: bass, except for guitar on Gallons Of Blood
m :: guitar, except for keyboard on Gallons Of Blood and Belch!Pump

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