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Falling on Clear Night (mix w/Scott Whitlock)
First, insert key, then start the car you never liked, and back into a deserted 3 a.m. street, then accelerate until the engine hums music as fast as orgasm, then faster, the highway, the curve, the cliff, and then only the night. Make sure you notice the stars. Think about the moon and the people on the moon. Also, make sure you notice the gravity, how it pulls you into yourself. Remember the names of people who've forgotten your name, and then open the door, fall free, watch the car crash below. Notice you hear nothing except the wind and the words you never said.

step #1: insert key into ignition, pull vehicle into street
step #2: turn on headlamps, activate atmospheric music
step #3: take entrance ramp onto deserted highway
step #4: take exit ramp onto remote mountain road
accelerate into sharp curve on narrow ledge
lose control

did i
did i meet
did i meet you
at that
at that par
at that party
the o
the other
the other night
when we
when we were
when we were drunk
i could
i could have
i could have sworn
we fell
we fell in
we fell in love

step #5: unfasten seat belt, crash through steel railing
step #6: calmly open door, eject self from falling vehicle
step #7: fall slowly through night air, gaze up at lunar body
step #8: feel in wind in hair, close eyes, smile distantly

you dreamed
you dreamed of
you dreamed of air
under your
under your skin
please com
please complete
please complete me
what was
what was your
what was your name
dennis harvey: all instruments | voice
dennis harvey: composition | lyrics | mastering | mixing | production | recording
extra performance:
extra composition/production:
This track is unfinished, a demo, or a rehearsal. Work stopped around 08/10/2003.
Scott Whitlock wrote and spoke the intro narration.