beepbonk :: great error :: wrong one :: kettle (with pudjem)
Kettle (with pUdjEm)
Wrong One cover
Spilt milk tension
You burned the house down

Since then
You stared holes into the ceiling
Wishing for weightlessness

Stress mess
Trees bend to slap you as you pass
As if you had offended nature itself

(Since you said you had to go to see to how to take two I too had to see to how to stop you)

Stop drop roll
Kettle condensation
Stare at the telephone

Drone clone
Smash your head
Against the slot machine

Dreams seem not effective anymore
You swore you detected a secret door

Since you said you had to feel love
You're never satisfied
dennis harvey: keyboards | voice
dennis harvey: composition | lyrics | mastering | mixing | production | recording
extra performance:
michael ambro: acoustic guitar
jason harvey: bass guitar
extra composition/production:
michael ambro: composition
jason harvey: composition | recording
Completed on 03/08/2006.
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