beepbonk :: pudjem :: unreachable itch :: nectarine finger
Nectarine Finger
Unreachable Itch cover
Bird peach nibbles at your toe
Pinch yourself on the epicondyle before you fall awake
Keep the apples from your leaking eye
And poke the nectarine finger
jason harvey: bass guitar
michael ambro: guitar
paul ambro: guitar
dennis harvey: keyboards | voice
michael ambro: composition
paul ambro: composition
jason harvey: composition | mixing | recording
dennis harvey: composition | lyrics | mastering | mixing | production
Completed on 02/16/2006.
group notes:
recorded live at putrid sanctuary studios on october 16, 2005
mixed live by j and d, edited later by d

p :: guitar
d :: keyboard, voice
j :: bass
m :: guitar, except for keyboard on the 1st half of Soundtastic

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