beepbonk :: pudjem :: stain parade :: planet pus
Look at the compu-radar readout
Approaching the azimuth vector 32
Exploding volcanic follicles beneath me
Lurch in my g-couch as we impact the goo

Encased in a leaky balloon of alien sebum
The approaching sea of yellow eruptions
Spaceship descending in a gravitational squeeze
Gushing into the planetary sneeze

We come in peace to Planet Pus
Take me to your lesion

Negative feedback from the teeming sticky sea
Infected intelligence pussibly be
When wisdom would transmission ooze
Perhaps with slimy pus cores they snooze

What language they speak and pop
Sticky snot beams splatter and plop
Pus clogging engines, we descend to the boil
I walk out onto the alien sticky soil
jason harvey: bass guitar
michael ambro: guitar
paul ambro: guitar
dennis harvey: keyboards | noises | voice
michael ambro: composition | lyrics
paul ambro: composition | lyrics
jason harvey: composition | lyrics
dennis harvey: composition | lyrics | mastering | mixing | production | recording
Completed on 11/29/2020.
group notes:
Byurken von Pinklesteinvonschitzenelhausengruber Von :: guitar, voice, noises
Jürgen von Übersplatz :: keyboard, percussion, voice, noises
Herr Trigger von Einen Bitten Mit ze Locking und Lödink :: bass, voice, noises
Hans Fiet :: guitar, voice, noises

most instruments recorded at putrid sanctuary studios: 1 (12/23/2019); 3 (10/18/2015); 4, 18 (10/19/2019); 5, 12 (2/23/2019); 6, 9, 10, 11, 14, 19 (12/29/2018); 7, 8 (4/20/2019); 13, 15 (9/8/2018); 16 (6/13/2019); 17 (1/25/2020).

everything else recorded at reeking haven studios may-october 2020.

some samples collected by herr trigger von einen bitten mit ze locking und lödink.

mixed, edited, and mastered may-october 2020 by jürgen von übersplatz.