beepbonk :: great error :: cloud :: sing for me
take these words
out of my mouth
use them
to paint your portrait
i never spoke
or sang a note
you sang for me

let it be known
that we were here
and we knew no release

sing for me
open your mouth
river flows down the sound
dennis harvey: all instruments | voice
dennis harvey: composition | lyrics | mastering | mixing | production | recording
Completed on 09/26/2012.
group notes:
informations: music recorded in houston, tx 2000-2002 except track 13 recorded in charlotte, nc 1999. written 2000-2002 except tracks 09, 11, 12, 13 written 1995-1997. all sounds by dennis except: bass guitar on tracks 03, 07 by jason; small word on track 06 by tony; track 01 contains a sample from "before night falls" by peter gabriel, ©1989 real-world/virgin records, ltd.; track 02 contains samples from "billboard love" by uncle bonsai, ©1986 freckle records; "on the eve of the second year anniversary of morton's death" by orlando jacinto garcia ©1991 o.o. discs, inc.; "bed/aria" by philip glass, ©1993 elektra entertainment; track 09 contains a sample from "t'amo" by tenores di bitti ©1996 real world records ltd. mammatus cloud photo by michael bath.

remastered summer 2012.