beepbonk :: zentraedi :: seven medley sins :: time capsule
Missing the future again
I’m showing the years and don’t know where to begin
Feeling like a living memento
With a love like ours it’s so hard not to think so
I’ve traveled ages deep
I’ve borrowed hearts when my own begged for sleep
I’ve counted blessings and counted them fast
I wish I could promise this moment would last

Riding with me and clarifying the highway
My kindred spirit from time immemorial
Disappearing from the rearview mirror
The few that still remember and the rest that don’t say so
Taken on a detour beyond what used to matter
We’re remnants brought together
Where the undiscovered country is home

Gambling on tomorrow
In a time capsule we made
Never mind what used to matter
We have only ourselves to escape

Home, a lifetime away
Complicating everything
It’s impossible to explain
How I have travelled ages deep
Hidden away in a sealed time capsule
Just like the few that still remember
And all the rest that will never say so

I’m riveted by your relentless drive
The unmistakable markings of the roads we’ve traveled
So take my life to make it happen
Just keep me unaware of it if you can

In the grip of spin control each revolution
Is here to make us wander home in this condition
Only caring for what could have been
We’ve littered the future with a time capsule we left open

Offering you hope I died but when I had no eye for
Otherworldly designs I gave you
The hunger that made me work to believe
That we could still have memories that would justify the meantime
jason harvey: bass guitar
david beck: drums
jon beal: keyboards | voice
jon beal: composition | recording
david beck: composition
mohadev bhattacharyya: composition | recording
jason harvey: composition | mixing | production | recording
extra composition/production:
dennis harvey: mastering | mixing
Completed on 12/24/2009.