beepbonk :: zentraedi :: seven medley sins :: missing the future
Missing The Future
Seven Medley Sins cover
With defenses so refined from
Hearts they have outgrown so many times
That love looks too far to fall
Will it matter if they’re rendered helpless
If once invincible they still focus
On scars they cannot recall

Misfortunate enough to know what is right
When every memory lost is a welcome change

Missing the future again
Wearing their scars like a full second-skin
Unaware of where the past left off
Or the present begins

Each day starting over missing the future

Discarding recollections believing
It is only safe whenever they are moving
Hydroplaning under the radar daydreaming
Journeying wearing blinders sleeping in boxcars

Dying to make lasting impressions continuously
Saving up to appear enlightened endlessly
Harboring tribulation aimlessly
Searching for closure elsewhere instinctively

With a portion for friends and a fortune for others
Unfortunately they have no room for lovers

Swimming and pursued by uncertain seas
With uncertainty all around
From years spent learning indifference
They don’t know what it is they have found
With experiences stretching out in every direction
Reflection only gets in the way
Slowing down to take in shallow breaths
They’re struggling just to stay above the waves
jason harvey: bass guitar
david beck: drums
jon beal: keyboards | voice
jon beal: composition | recording
david beck: composition
mohadev bhattacharyya: composition | recording
jason harvey: composition | mixing | production | recording
extra composition/production:
dennis harvey: mastering | mixing
Completed on 12/24/2009.