beepbonk :: zentraedi :: seven medley sins :: needful things
Needful Things
Seven Medley Sins cover
Bittersweet creature comforts are here
Masquerading in this atmosphere
As shelter and enviable needful things
Bridges crumbled long before now
Manage to seem new again somehow
Needful things surround us when love can’t be found

Crisis and secrets and skeletons fill
Our best-kept crawlspaces
Where an iconic treasure trove may bend our will
It can’t match the love it replaces

Love in your thought word and deed
These are needful things

Set in motion each has sired
Rapture ruptured and set on fire
Sex and venues races and structures
Religion fashion form and culture

Love is all we have to give
Trust takes more than getting used to
Love is all I’ve left to give
I’ll take more than getting used to

Hungering for blessed mercies
Needful things devour the proceeds
Restraining love from withholding
Diligent disorders from building
Flourishing at best in turmoil
They backlash with a wicked recoil
Hallowed though are these
In this house are needful things
jason harvey: bass guitar
david beck: drums
jon beal: keyboards | voice
jon beal: composition | recording
david beck: composition
mohadev bhattacharyya: composition | recording
jason harvey: composition | mixing | production | recording
extra performance:
dennis harvey: noises
extra composition/production:
dennis harvey: mastering | mixing
Completed on 12/24/2009.