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City Boy
City Boy cover
only the song you sing
leaves a hole
in the wall where a photo once was
all the things
you ever had
are piled up in the dumpster downstairs
and the noise
is closing in
from the street below an open window

holding a coffee cup
to your lips
as the neighbors throw things at the wall
see the gate
close and open
to the grinding and whining of gears
call your mom
say you wanted this
as her tears fall out an open window

look closely
you can almost see the gears turning
city boy asked for drama
look what he got

fill up the grocery bag
by the eyes of a random cashier
eye the ass
of the guy next to you in the lift
better yet
take a running jump
at the ghosts outside an open window

put your hands to your ears
stops the sighs
of your life as it passes you by
smile at jokes
wash your hands
practice hard at not giving a shit
just to find
in your bed at night
that your mind went out an open window

fix me another one
if you can
i spilled the last one all over your shirt
monuments to my misshapen crumbling ideals
i'm surprised
that you haven't yet
jumped screaming out an open window

i feel like the oldest man
in the world
i feel 273
and am still
figuring out
the logic of your arguments
it would age me beyond belief
to see you jump out an open window

(no one knows
who you are
nameless drone
broadway star)

look closely
you can almost see the gears turning
city boy asked for drama
look what he got
dennis harvey: all instruments | voice
dennis harvey: composition | lyrics | mastering | mixing | production | recording
extra performance:
jason harvey: bass guitar
Completed on 04/24/2013.
group notes:
written recorded and mastered in various bedrooms and other living spaces in houston, tx september 2002 through november 2003. all sounds by dennis except: bass guitar on tracks 01, 02 and 03 by jason, who also helped write track 03. lyrics on track 04 are the eddie murphy version. track 03 contains a sample from "habanera" by george bizet, performed by charlotte church, ©2001 sony records; track 07 contains a sample from the film "reality bites," written by helen childress, ©1994 universal city studios, inc. leaf photo by shawn wheeler.

remastered spring 2013.