beepbonk :: great error :: city boy :: corporate casualty #1
Corporate Casualty #1
City Boy cover
first prize to
the genius
who wants to stay away from me
your friends to
share in your corporate evil mind

every day
is monday
except for friday afternoon
my digits
drag the ground
my eyes avoid your evil gaze

so much for
i slam my head against the wall
your mouth hangs
wide open
shut it before your tongue falls out

this is the
last time you'll
see me in full-blown office drag
i've got two
tickets to
witness the story of my life

look at the water
in the woodprint above the desk
i could be there right now
could be with you right now


take the knife
from my back
use it on someone innocent
i've dreamed of
dramatic revenge for years and years and years and years and years

5, 4, 3, 2, 1
i explode
but simply wind up walking out
it's tragic
exactly what you want from me

and now i'm
stuck starving
i've got your photo on the wall
a dartboard
a target
all is going according to plan

wining dining climbing fighting
rising tying biting trying
sliding striking whining sighing
crying dying by the hour

you are living in america
you are dealing with hysteria
you are an example of a victim
yearning for a new life

i want to be corporate casualty #1
dennis harvey: all instruments | voice
dennis harvey: composition | lyrics | mastering | mixing | production | recording
extra performance:
jason harvey: bass guitar
Completed on 04/24/2013.
group notes:
written recorded and mastered in various bedrooms and other living spaces in houston, tx september 2002 through november 2003. all sounds by dennis except: bass guitar on tracks 01, 02 and 03 by jason, who also helped write track 03. lyrics on track 04 are the eddie murphy version. track 03 contains a sample from "habanera" by george bizet, performed by charlotte church, ©2001 sony records; track 07 contains a sample from the film "reality bites," written by helen childress, ©1994 universal city studios, inc. leaf photo by shawn wheeler.

remastered spring 2013.