beepbonk :: great error :: city boy :: geronimo
mouthing words only to break up uncomfortable pauses
between handshakes
make sure you never sweat or break eye contact
or hesitate
when you know what you want

geronimo says
take off your boots and jump into the bed
make sure you never get out of his head
keep the alarm set to eastern time

reach up and slap the shit out of the callout box
floating above my head
slap the number sign
slap the dollar sign
slap the exclamation point

geronimo says
have seven drinks and take off all your clothes
be sick in the john and still smell like a rose
pass out at dinner and stumble home
geronimo says
let your words come out distorted and vague
hiding the fact that you've nothing to say

check your pulse and
check your wallet
stamp your stats on
your forehead
too early
kill time with the DJ
tight leather
wife beater
nipple rings and crew cut
don't worry
they love you
they leave you standing there
drink in hand
get out while you can
check your pulse and
check your wallet
stamp your stats on
your forehead

geronimo says
drown out the static with headphones and hands
scream through your teeth but issue no demands
sit there and suffer in agony
geronimo says
break up a family and steal all the men
wash off your hands and then do it again
polish your halo and make it shine
dennis harvey: all instruments | voice
dennis harvey: composition | lyrics | mastering | mixing | production | recording
extra performance:
jason harvey: bass guitar
Completed on 04/24/2013.
group notes:
written recorded and mastered in various bedrooms and other living spaces in houston, tx september 2002 through november 2003. all sounds by dennis except: bass guitar on tracks 01, 02 and 03 by jason, who also helped write track 03. lyrics on track 04 are the eddie murphy version. track 03 contains a sample from "habanera" by george bizet, performed by charlotte church, ©2001 sony records; track 07 contains a sample from the film "reality bites," written by helen childress, ©1994 universal city studios, inc. leaf photo by shawn wheeler.

remastered spring 2013.