beepbonk :: great error :: city boy :: gone
crash down
feel the wood of the floor
under the bed
feel the pillow and the blankets
where you'd been
birds are chirping outside
in perfect unison
to the echo of a car alarm

she said
it hadn't been as gray as this for years
pulled the blanket to her chin and frowned
looked out the window where i stood and stared in
i shivered once and leaned against the glass
men screamed below if i come down no one will be hurt
12 feet below the surface of the skin
she was watching the sky behind me turn gray
as the hair on my head

there's some money in a box on the desk
take it away
since i haven't any use for it
now that you've gone
there's a camera in a case by the bed
take out the film
since i have no one to photograph
now that you've gone
there's an alvarez guitar on a stand
tear off the strings
since i have nothing to sing about
now that you've gone
don't forget to get some pins and a match
and brand new cloth
since your voodoo doll is wearing out
now that you've gone
dennis harvey: all instruments | voice
dennis harvey: composition | lyrics | mastering | mixing | production | recording
Completed on 04/24/2013.
group notes:
written recorded and mastered in various bedrooms and other living spaces in houston, tx september 2002 through november 2003. all sounds by dennis except: bass guitar on tracks 01, 02 and 03 by jason, who also helped write track 03. lyrics on track 04 are the eddie murphy version. track 03 contains a sample from "habanera" by george bizet, performed by charlotte church, ©2001 sony records; track 07 contains a sample from the film "reality bites," written by helen childress, ©1994 universal city studios, inc. leaf photo by shawn wheeler.

remastered spring 2013.